Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jesus holds me together......

Day 6 of my Princess of all princesses being in the PICU.

I can't hold things together, circumstances have once again screamed out of control.

As I wake this morning with feelings of how am I going to do this again, how am I going to live, my heart reminds me the only way to live is in fellowship with Christ ~ remember...

.....I may know Him
and the power of His resurrection
and the fellowship of His sufferings,
being conformed to His death.
Philippians 3:10

Oh yes, I am reminded, right here in suffering there is fellowship with my risen LORD.

I don't want to move quickly thru this season, I just long to live it with Him, step by step, breath by breath because it's here ~ in Jesus ~ I know I will be safe and therefore I can lead my children in His peace and His safety. There is no place else to be, to live.

He gently reminds me He is holding it all together, He is holding me.

I don't have to fear how I am going to get it all done today because His Word has that covered ~

Indeed before the day was,
I am He.
Isaiah 43:13

Oh my heart do you see? before I woke up this morning to the feeling of being overwhelmed, of out of control, how will I do this again........He says ~ before your day was........I am He. He has it covered. Oh the great comfort that comes from knowing and believing that He is.......
Jesus covers all my needs, all my feelings.

Before all and in all and thru all ~ Jesus is....

The rest and peace that comes from knowing and believing.
It causes my heart to rejoice and leap about with great shouts of exuberant joy because Jesus is here ~ He hasn't left me, my princess, my family, my circumstances. He is in the very detail of them, watching and doing His very work in our circumstances and in our hearts.

O dear one, for you too, in whatever you face today, do you also see, He has you, He has it all ~ all covered. He is there before it all, before you woke up this morning to face the day, He is. He has your path covered and in Him you too are complete.

Let us rest, my friend, in His Word, in His truth for our today.

He is here..............

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