Friday, February 14, 2014

  • Being Valentine's Day I had to post this.  I read this years ago.  The author is unknown.  I have always loved this.  May it sink deep into your soul and spirit today and bring refreshment to you as you reflect on 
  • Who loves you the greatest
  •  His greatest act
  •  His greatest gift 
  • to you, dear one.......

  • John 3:16
  • God”...The greatest Lover
  • “So loved”...The greatest degree
  • “The world”...The greatest number
  • “That He gave”..The greatest act
  • “His only begotten Son”.The greatest gift
  • “That whoever”..The greatest invitation
  • “Believes”...The greatest simplicity
  • “In Him”...The greatest Person
  • “Should not perish”..The greatest deliverance
  • “But”....The greatest difference
  • “Have”....The greatest certainty
  • “Everlasting Life”..The greatest possession

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